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Flight Training & Pilot Services

We offer Flying Club Management, Consulting, and Aviation Training Services to our clients as a service across Central Florida at the Orlando Executive Airport, and we offer Pilot Services at both Orlando and many central Florida Airports. We educate our clients on effective and efficient processes for operating their own personal aircraft, or an aircraft in their flying club from a small single engine aircraft to larger turbo-prop and jet aircraft.  Whether you desire to fly for business, or for your own personal enjoyment we have the professionals and the experience to train


We operate on the concept that each pilot is the most important safety feature of any aircraft, and develop our pilots, instructors and our clients talents according to their natural skill level.  With decades of aviation and business experience we can help reduce the costs, but more importantly the headaches involved with your training whether in  lease backs, dry leases, or even if you are just taking a flight for fun.  We work and specialize to move as quick or as timely as your specific circumstances require, and have robust scheduling policies and stringent guidelines for our business partners and collaborators to assure you receive top quality service, on time, and with budget effectiveness.

Flight Training Solutions

We  offer affordable and effective flight training solutions to accommodate your life and  busy schedule.  We have a  extensive experience and offer cons in : Flight Training, Ground Schools, Aircraft Management, Type Ratings, Cirrus Aircraft Experience, Flight Club Services, Flight School operations, business structures, and sales and marketing coaching,  FAA Private Pilot, Instrument Ratings, Commercial Pilot (Single and Multi-Engine), Flight Instructor Ratings (All) and transition training in turbo-prop and jet aircraft as well.

As you can see we are ready to serve your needs.  Our approved independent instructors have thousands of hours of instructional experience and we have a passion not only for aviation, but for people, and most of all we have a passionate goal of transforming individuals lives through the discipline of flying an aircraft.

We are dedicated to make your training experience in Florida more memorable, while following a logical process in a controlled and safe environment.  Any training whether for business or personal flying is  One on One personal training. When it comes to pilot training, our mission is to provide a fun, safe and focused environment that makes learning to fly your aircraft whether a basic or advanced aircraft, a safe, exhilarating and enjoyable experience!

Are you ready to start flying?  Call us: 321-426-0646, or email us: pilottraining@flight-logic.com, and a Flight Training Professional will contact you to start the quick and easy pilot registration process.

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