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Flight training is a lot of fun, but it is also a serious component in creating the most comprehensive and best reviewed habits for a pilot to be a safe and well equipped part of every flight.  There is an art in making it fun, yet a learning experience that will serve each pilot well throughout their lives.

Mike is a freshly minted pilot in 2014 with Flight-Logic Aviation LLCHands down the best flight instruction I have received since my logbook started back in 2005! Jonathan and the entire Flight-Logic team are fully committed to making your personal flying experiences the best and the safest they can be. If you are in the Central Florida Area and are looking for the highest quality flight training and aviation service, this is your one stop shop!

– Michael Moorhead

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Mike is a freshly minted pilot in 2014 with Flight-Logic Aviation LLC
James Moorhead – “Best Flight Instruction”

“ … Outstanding Experience, it was fun, educational, and the Best Instruction I have received in 18 years working in aviation!”


-Russel Tokarski

Russ gained his PPL with Jonathan Great Job from Flight-Logic
Russ Tokarski

“I have had the most fantastic experience with Jonathan as my flight instructor. He is helping me reach a goal that is 40 years in the making. As a pilot and instructor there is none better and as a person with superior professionalism I recommend him with the utmost confidence. When you work/fly with Jonathan you are working/flying with the best.”

Joe doing an AOPA interview brief

Joe doing an AOPA interview brief

 –  Joe Marszal

Joe is working on his Commercial Pilot Cert. With Flight-Logic
Joe Marszal – “A Fantastic Experience!”

Flight Photography

“ The training was practical, real life scenarios, and fun all at the same time”

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Jimmy G