Student Pilot License (For the PPL)

The Student Pilot License can be obtained at a local AME (Aviation Medical Examiners) office.  To become a student pilot, it’s actually quite simple.  You merely go to an AME and they will give you a medical examination to decide if you are medically capable of possessing an FAA License.

Student Pilots can start training as young as they prefer, however there are minimum ages for achieving certain milestones.

MINIMUM AGE: You need to be 17 years of age to obtain your license, and 16 years of age prior to your first Solo.

MEDICAL:  Minimum of a 3rd class Medical is required prior to your first Solo.

Privileges:  Student Pilots can solo under the supervision of a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and require specific endorsements to conduct solo flights.  Solo Flights must be conducted with a valid government ID, logbook, medical certificate/ student pilot license as well as with most dual training events.

Flight Instruction

Pre-Solo Evaluation Flight with Flight-Logic

General Limitations: FAR 61.89 

A student pilot may not act as pilot in command of an aircraft:

(1) That is carrying a passenger;

(2) That is carrying property for compensation or hire;

(3) For compensation or hire;

(4) In furtherance of a business;

(5) On an international flight, except that a student pilot may make solo training flights from Haines, Gustavus, or Juneau, Alaska, to White Horse, Yukon, Canada, and return over the province of British Columbia;

(6) With a flight or surface visibility of less than 3 statute miles during daylight hours or 5 statute miles at night;

(7) When the flight cannot be made with visual reference to the surface; or

(8) In a manner contrary to any limitations placed in the pilot’s logbook by an authorized instructor.

(b) A student pilot may not act as a required pilot flight crewmember on any aircraft for which more than one pilot is required by the type certificate of the aircraft or regulations under which the flight is conducted, except when receiving flight training from an authorized instructor on board an airship, and no person other than a required flight crewmember is carried on the aircraft.

*Many health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc… can be harmful to your health and though they may disqualify you from a medical certificate.  Our advice is to call the AME and inquire with them being totally up front about your health conditions to avoid the cost and denial of a  medical if you have pre-existing health conditions that are disqualifying for a minimum 3rd class medical.   In these cases, one very viable option is to merely utilize your State issued driving license which meets the FAA & DOT’s minimal requirements for a Sport Pilot License.