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First,  we would like to personally thank you for considering Flight-Logic as your one source flight training provider.  Aviation (flying) is undergoing a metamorphosis right now as we put the fun back into flying that it was always intended for since it’s inception at Kitty Hawk.  We can tell you, it’s an adventure and a brother/sister-hood like no other.  Destinations are closer suddenly, and depending on your personal taste and budget you can eat lunch in the Bahamas, dinner in Key West, and land for a night out in Miami, FL with a return to your home base the next morning.  Obtaining your pilot certification is actually fun and achievable with the right combination of coach, teacher, and pilot mentor and quality aircraft.  You will find that in aviation, the aircraft some times appear as older models, but the real key is in the immaculate condition that a maintenance provider affords the owner.

This is going to be a blast, and we are very excited you have decided to entrust us with your flight training and transition into this incredible adventure

New Aviators

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We have prepared and anticipated the moment you would find the time to pursue this incredible passion called flight, aviation or piloting. Whichever term you have chosen, we all love flight as pilots!  You did the research and looked at your available options, or perhaps you just gave in to the passionate impulse to come out to the airport and find a winged machine that will let you adventure into the wild blue.   Either way, you are here and we are excited to be your coach, and team up with you on this incredible journey.

There are a number of new experiences that you will discover as you embark on this journey.  So here are a few items to consider as you embark on your  introduction to Flight-Logic’s Training Introduction.

  • Prepare mentally for this incredible experience.  Trust us, it’s exhilarating and probably unlike any adventure you have been on before.  So consider you will be somewhat exposed to the elements, sunglasses will be a necessity, and if you are prone to motion sickness, don’t worry we deal with it all of the time.  Many people find that motion sickness is a fleeting experience and actually overcome it within the first few flight lessons.
  • Hearing Protection.  Fortunately, we have hearing protection devices and headsets you can use on your first experience, but in the long run once you have your bearings and decide which type of license you need you will want to invest in a headset.  There are many choices ranging from used simple headsets for $50 to the ultra pro-pilot models in excess of $1500.00
  • Time of Day.    You want your first experience to be a fun adventure, not a descent into the bowels of turbulence that is akin to a ride in a washing machine.  The mornings before 11 a.m. are absolutely fabulous and offer the opportunity to fly in relatively smooth and relaxing air.  The afternoons are a time when the sun has had time to warm up the earths surface and change air currents.  As you gain seasoning you will find this to be an excellent time to practice landings and flying just like the big boys, but for now let’s go with fun and relaxing.
  • Communication.  We are passionate about flying airplanes, and we want to share that experience with you.  The last thing we want to see is you, the happy go lucky funster, suddenly appear pale and as though someone stole your pet dog.  If the experience is slightly overwhelming, simply tell your pilot, he is a licensed and certified FAA instructor and will know what to do.  The key is that you remain safe, happy and engaged in this adventure from the first day.  Let us know how we can help you throughout the flight.  We are passionate so you may have to tell us to hush up while you take it all in, and we are just fine with that.


Student Pilots

First, welcome to the world of Aviation!  You are a member of less tan 1% of Americans that choose to live their dreams of commanding an airplane over our friendly little planet.  Student Pilots, we were all students, and in fact still are students of the air.  To become a Student Pilot there are a few items you will need on your task list:

  • The first thing you need to do is contact us! and we can guide you through the process step by step.
  • Plan to get a Student Pilot/ Medical Certificate You won’t really need it until your ready to take that first solo, but you want to have this completed before that solo lesson. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to take care of.  You will need to schedule an appointment with an examiner ahead of time so it’s certainly good to get ahead of the game. We will give you a list of places you can choose from to accomplish this.
  • Prepare to take the FAA written Exam.  This exam is different than than the “Pre-Solo” exam your flight instructor will assign you, because it is multiple choice (The pre-solo is a short quiz, long hand), and it is valid for 24 months so you have plenty of time to complete your training.  Yes, you will be told to study the written material until you have it committed to at least short term memory.  No, chances are you might not be familiar with every concept when you sit down at the FAA testing center.  Just know the answers. This turns into alot of “Aha” light bulb clicks on, moments while you are flight training.

Student Pilot FAQ’s

When do I need a student pilot certificate?

Before you can fly solo. You don’t need a student pilot certificate to take flying lessons.

Am I eligible for a student pilot certificate?

You are eligible if:

  • You are at least 16 years old. If you plan to pilot a glider or balloon, you must be at least 14 years old.
  • You can read, speak, and understand EnglishAND
  • You hold at least a current third-class medical certificate. If you plan to pilot a glider or balloon, you only have to certify that you have no medical defect that would make you unable to pilot a glider or balloon.

How do I get a student pilot certificate?

Upon your request, an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner will issue you a combined medical certificate and Student Pilot Certificate after you complete your physical examination. Student Pilot Certificates may be issued by an FAA inspector or an FAA-designated pilot examiner. Applicants who fail to meet certain requirements or who have physical disabilities which might limit, but not prevent, their acting as pilots, should contact the nearest FAA office. Locate an Aviation Medical Examiner.

How long are my student pilot certificate and my medical certificate valid?

Please refer to 14 CFR 61.23 for complete information.

A student pilot certificate expires 24 calendar months from the month in which it is issued. A third class medical certificate expires:

  • If under age 40 on the date of examination, at the end of the last day of the 60th month after the month after the date of examination.
  • If age 40 or older on the date of examination, at the end of the last day of the 24th month after the month after the date of examination.

Can I renew my student certificate and medical certificate?

No, but you can get a new one.

If my original Student Pilot Certificate has been endorsed for solo flying, do I lose this endorsement on my new certificate?

No, the endorsements are still valid. However, they are not transferred to the new certificate. Keep the old certificate as a record of these endorsements.

Should my flight instructor endorse my student pilot certificate before or after my first solo flight?

Before the solo flight. The endorsement certifies that you are competent to solo.

If I solo in more than one make or model of aircraft, must I have an endorsement for each on my student pilot certificate? If so, who should endorse the certificate?

Yes. Your flight instructor must make this endorsement before you solo in each make or model of aircraft.

Does the endorsement to solo allow me to make solo cross-country flights?

No. You also have to get a cross-country flight endorsement from you flight instructor.

Must I carry my student pilot certificate with me when I am piloting an aircraft in solo flight?


Is there a charge for the student pilot certificate?

Not when it’s issued by an FAA Flight Standards District Office. However, an FAA-designated pilot examiner can charge for issuing student pilot certificates. Also, an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner can charge for your physical examination in connection with issuing the combination medical certificate and student pilot certificate.

FAA Sport Pilot Training is offered at Flight-Logic. The Sport License has often been used as an entry point into aviation, and while it serves a distinct purpose in recruiting pilots into or often back into aviation who cannot obtain an FAA medical, it has a number of drawbacks most pilots don’t think about. First, the LSA market has not provided the number of aircraft to the industry that is needed to make for a strong rental access point for sport pilots. Second, if your instructor is only a sport pilot instructor, he/she lacks the experience and requirements to mentor you through to the Private pilot license. So what we have done is designed a private pilot course so that when you are completed you are not only ready for the Private Pilot checkride, but have familiarity with the general aviation aircraft. That’s right, the regulations state that you only have to have (5) hours in an LSA. So we get you into an LSA for 5-7 hours then you are ready for the checkride.

FAA Private Pilot LicensePicByMichaelPieracciPrivatePilotCert   

The Private Pilot License is the most popular license in the world. This allows you to fly an aircraft up to 12,500 lbs, and allows you to fly anywhere in the United States, weather permitting during the day or the night. The minimum hours for this license is 40 total flight hours, of which 10 must be solo hours, and cross country flight requirements of distances greater than 50 N.M. As you train to become a Private Pilot, you will notice that we offer private one on one flying lessons. This avoids the bureaucracy of a flight school, and compliments not only your skills, but also your busy schedule.

Please call (321) 426-0646 to discuss your options and training availability.[/tab][tab]The FAA Instrument Rating is offered at Flight-Logic.  Pardon our website as it expands.  Please email us at, to discuss your options and training availability and we will share this information with you personally.[/tab][tab]Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Licensing are both offered at Flight-Logic.  Pardon our website as it expands. Please email us at, to discuss your options and training availability and we will share this information with you personally.[/tab][tab]Flight Reviews and Aircraft Transition Training are offered at Flight-Logic.  Pardon our website as it expands. Please email us at, to discuss your options and training availability and we will share this information with you personally.[/tab][tab]Yes, we can do your Instrument Proficiency Check.  Pardon our website as it expands.  Pardon our website as it expands. Please email us at, to discuss your options and training availability and we will share this information with you personally