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Scheduling Requests:

First time visitors please review the following information to familiarize with our policies and how we schedule.

Thank you for checking in to schedule with us.  When scheduling it is very important to remember the following scheduling policies:

  1. Once you schedule via this website you will receive a message stating the appointment is “confirmed”, this only mean that your most recent personal scheduling entry was confirmed, and the appointment time is not reserved, but is only in a “request” status until an instructor or admin from Flight-Logic Aviation LLC send an email stating your time is reserved or confirmed – details contained in #2 .
  2. All scheduling requests are only scheduling “requests” until the instructor confirms with you via email showing your training times as “reserved” or “confirmed”.  This email will specifically come from @flight-logic.com email, not a @powr…. email.
  3. We do charge cancellation and no show fees for cancellations prior to 24 hours of a confirmed appointments.  If you have scheduled multiple appointments over the course of a week we will charge a flat rate.  Sickness, and life occurrences do happen, and any cancellations arising from these issues are dealt with on an individual case basis.

For your scheduling password simply email: scheduling@flight-logic.com and type : “need scheduling password” in the subject line along with your Last name and phone number and email and we will send your own password for the space below.  Welcome and we are looking forward to working with you.