Private Pilot 

To become a Private Pilot you are joining an elite group of individuals that comprise less than 1% of the population that can say they are licensed and certified FAA Private Pilots, so welcome to this unbelievably achievable challenge!  You can travel to your destinations on your own time line and your itinerary is always VIP, because you decide where and when you arrive.

To become a Private Pilot there are some training pre-requisites and limitations:


You need to be 17 years of age to obtain your license, and 16 years of age prior to your first Solo.


A minimum of a Valid 3rd class Medical Certificate is required to pilot your plane as a private pilot.

*Minimum Hours:

You must meet all the requirements prior to the practical flight test, and if you do so within 40 hours then Bravo.  Please note this is “minimum” and the time each student takes to obtain the license is going to be based on learning curves, weather, aircraft maintenance, and other factors not in our control.  These numbers are the minimums and in no way represent the majoirty of student pilots across the United States.  National Averages are closer to 70+ hours, our average is 45-55 hours for part time students pilots

  • 40 hours total flight time (the breakdown is listed below)
    • 30 hours of Flight Instruction
    • 10 hours solo total
      • Solo Maneuvers & Landings (5 Hours)
      • XC Solo  (5 Hours)
    • 3 hours X-C Flight Training at night plus 10  night landings
    • Endorsement of an FAA certified flight instructor in logbook
    • Passed the Private Pilot Writted Test with a 70% or higher

Ground Training:  Learn faster by connecting with online resources.  Flying an airplane as a pilot especially during training is 85% Knowledge and 15% actual flying.  Ground Schools are best completed on-line or at one of our ground schools held each quarter at various locations.  Specific ground sessions will be required for pre-solo, cross country flight, night flight, and the final FAA checkride.

Expect to spend a minimum of 25 hours of briefings


Coaching and Instruction for students as they become Private Pilots is available in Orlando.

 *Training times are listed as FAA minimums only and do not represent the average pilot.  Weather, unscheduled or unexpected maintenance, learning curves, and individual study habits vary and will have an affect on training times and may yield different results in each pilot candidate.  40 hours is a minimum number the FAA applied to gaining the pilot certification.  Pilots must meet the minimum proficiency levels outlined by the FAA in the P.T.S., and various handbooks and as outlined in the regulations.  Ask your instructor about techniques and methods to reduce your flight training costs.