Instrument Rating Requirements

AGE:  Same as Private Pilot Requirements (17 Years of age)

Medical:  Upgrading your private license and adding an Instrument Rating is a fun and rewarding challenge that will enhance your flying skills, and make you a more competent pilot.F0504026

Objectives and Minimums: We have flown in the real world of hard IFR weather as professional pilots with Icing, turbulence and thunderstorm experience, and not only have the experience but can teach it as well.  We are here to teach you how to stay out of that stuff and find more reasonable sky conditions where you will enjoy your flight!  Your training will consist of IFR instrument training along with excellent ground material that is designed for self-study in a 1-2-3 fashion.

The Instrument Rating requires that you hold an FAA Private Pilot Certificate and  complete 50 hours of Cross country flying with certain requirements in those flights.

We can assist you in completing those 50 hours or part of those hours with the training, and can often locate another student or flying partner to aid in cost reduction, call us to find out more about this possibility

*Please Note: The following minimums are set as “Minimums” and do not constitute issuance of an Instrument rating.

Minimum Aeronautical Experience Requirements:

• 40 Hours Actual/Simulated IFR

( 15 Hours minimum with authorized FAA Instructor, this equation can be changed to 20 hours simulator as well)

(Cross Country requirements with IFR Approach requirements fall under the 40 hour minimum as well)

• 3 Hours minimum of training towards the IFR test within 60 days preceding the Instrument Check ride

• Satisfy all of the requirements of FAR 61.65

• FAA Written Test

• FAA Practical Test – Check ride – Flight

Instrument Rating Instruction Rates:

Our normal rates for IFR training are as low as $65/ hour for flight and ground instruction.

If you are a member of a Flight-Logic affiliate club, the rates are as low as $60/ hour