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You are about to download your free student pilot guide. This guide will help you understand aviation terminology, and better understand the conversations you will have with your future flight instructor. At Flight-Logic Aviation we highly value the relaxed flight club atmosphere, and want to assure you are informed and able to ask the appropriate questions regarding your flying experience. We have experience in both the FBO style FAR 61 flight training centers and the FAR 141 flying schools. Because we have taught and managed both types of flight training facilities we have harnessed the relaxed environment of the FAR part 61 and coupled the value of the commercial pilot knowledge and safety training of the FAR part 141 flight schools. Most business and leisure pilots find the rigidity of the FAR part 141 schools very taxing on the busy schedules and busy lives. SO we offer the best of both worlds wrapped up in a warm social setting of flying clubs, aircraft access and professional instructors and aviation consultants ready to assist you in bringing your dream of flight to life. Enjoy the guide and if you have questions please feel free to call us at 321-426-0646, or email us at info@flight-logic.com
Simply complete the form below, hit submit and your FREE STUDENT PILOT GUIDE will begin downloading.[/text_output][/visibility]

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