Aircraft Management Services

Aircraft Management We can offer aircraft management services for your aircraft offer you a hassle free ownership option.  We negotiate fuel pricing, FBO Services and fees, concierge services, aircraft crewing, pilot services & hiring, and much more.  What we cannot offer is any form of “Flight management” service that conflicts with “Operational Control” as outlined…

Pilot Training

We offer Pilot Training Solutions for the Business Professional looking to gain their pilot certification, as well as individuals looking to make aviation and flying their career. We offer professional training for the FAA Private, Instrument, Commercial (SEL & MEL), CFI, CFII, MEI and ATP Ratings.

Making Safe Cross Wind Landings

Crosswind Landings  Crosswind landings are super real-life “gotchas’ that can easily ruin your day if you aren’t staying on your toes.  UND did a great job with this particular video, and because it’s Spring and the winds are picking up we felt this was a great share.  You will find that each common error of…

Flight-Logic Web on Vimeo.

The stars of this video need no introduction, there are many more… we are just aviators, learning, sharing and overall just having some serious fun in the air!  If you have crazy cool shots that you think would rock a video send us an email or a message, we want to make one of the biggest  compilations of good times aviators having Rockin’ good times in airplanes, helicopters or whatever as long as you are a pilot, soon to be a pilot, and in the vicinity of an airborne aircraft!

Wishing you Blue Skies and Safe flying out there!


The Flying Crew

Flight-Logic Aviation & Flight Training Services

Mike is a freshly minted pilot in 2014 with Flight-Logic Aviation LLC

This ONE action in your flight training can save you thousands!

Simple Methods made Complicated So often in aviation, we as flight schools, flight training specialists, and professional flight operators get the blame for student pilots and younger generation pilots falling through the cracks when it comes to completion of the rating.  Often we deserve this because we work in a very technical field, filled with…