hro-sing-eng-plane-skyhawkFlight Logic – We Offer Access to Aircraft

As a Flight Training Provider we offer avenues of access that many aviators may not be aware exist.  At the Orlando Executive Airport we provide training in accordance with the Orlando Aviators Flying Club as well as specialized training: in client owned aircraft as well as pilot services under the appropriate FAA provisions for qualified clientele.   In our Winter Haven, Florida office we offer Aircraft Rental, Flight Instruction, and Aircraft Management Services.  Read more about how you too can enjoy some the warm inviting atmospheres of the Orlando, Florida (ORL) and other Central Florida communities in Kissimmee and Winter Haven.

At Flight-Logic Aviation the key influence in designing a different kind of company was based on the real life experiences of Jonathan, who was a previous owner of a local flight school, and the experiences of our other affiliates and partners in the aviation community.  Flights Schools are excellent for the “Airline Pilot Career Seeker” where all study and performance is for the purpose of obtaining employment, not nearly as relaxing as one on one professional model of instruction we provide.  The main issue I identified early on, was the lack of sustainability of newly minted private, instrument or even commercial pilots.  They get a license, and then lose touch with aviation altogether and go back to only day dreaming about airplanes again simply because it was so hard to get access to an aircraft.  The real issue is that to make aviation purposeful we have to bring those new aviators to places where they will reap the benefits of a pilot license, or the outstanding warm and social environment like Orlando Aviators Club offers in Orlando.  A very effective way to do this is through accompanying newcomers to a flying club where they are part of a group of pilots, of like-mind, to experience great accountability in safety, and not to mention access to a number of aircraft, without the cost of ownership, partnerships etc…


How do we charge for the aircraft?

Orlando, FL (Orlando Executive Airport)

In Orlando, you become part of an incredible flying club, Orlando Aviators Flying Club.  There’s a small membership fee and dues monthly.  However, the benefits of the flying club are numerous.  There are plenty of pilots in the club, with various levels of experience, so you have a very valuable community.  Once you join you will receive access directly to the aircraft located at the ShoWalter side of the airport.  Rental is Dry (You buy the fuel), and rental is on the tachometer, and it’s an incredible savings!  This is a huge advantage, and offers incredible savings of 10-25% on your annual flying numbers.   Flight-Logic Aviation LLC, performs flight instruction services at the Orlando Flying Club and the required Ground Schools as well.  The club in Orlando definitely is filled with plenty of value, too much to list here but we are always glad to show you the ropes.

*Flight-Logic Aviation LLC only offers flight and ground instruction services at the Orlando Flying Club, and is listed as flight instruction services in that club.  

I have my own aircraft? or I want to buy an aircraft?

If you are purchasing an aircraft we can help guide you through the process with a pre-buy inspection and , a needs and cost assessment where we take into account your skill, safety, and budget to discover just the right aircraft for you.  We also can train you in that new aircraft and assure you are prepared to take your airplane for the first time![/text_output]